I have an opinion, most people do; on most of the topics streaming live from the virtual world. People compound their persuasions through debates, discussions, unnecessary rants and caustic words exchange. I don’t really mind all this. You see, I am so habituated by the ongoing theatrics on social media platform. I am an indifferent subtle observer seldom indulging in such pernicious tableau.

So why am I speaking now?

Because it is important. To you and to me.

I say it loud and resolute

They differ

I shriek and shout

And they turn a deaf ear


Sensible I speak

Mock they my wits and humor

Angry I get

They poke me in a satirical flair


Negate my arguments

Invalidate my judgments

They do everything to

Press my opinion


But firm I stood

In storm of revulsion

Took a while

But gone are my inhibitions


Then what gave my spirits down

Now are my celebratory grounds

Because the conundrum of opinion

Thumps on me as an EDM sound


Verse for Progeny

Standing midst the defilement

Dear succeeding kin,

The earth was a better place

Some decades since.

There was time of prosper and mirth

Killed it was by greed brimming on earth.

I tried, I swear

To make man see,

But so was he immersed

in his stack of selfish needs.

Countless efforts went in vain

Little could we do,

To save white nature from the claws

Of constant stingy deeds that man could cause.

Look around my son!

Make a virile effort.

Seek some light

 For people, who awaits

At the end of tunnel.


Often circumstantially we hear the word soul and most of us can rarely associate with it. The distraction by surrounding chaos and meddling humdrum affairs, disunite us and plunge us further and further into the whirl of illusion where we are transfixed and unstable; the instability, with time, becomes soothing and it transcends us towards the pit of our trivial existence. The existence which is nothing but vagaries of life bundled with real collision by mammoth conscious push into an unprecedented territory.

Divulging into reality from skies of dream

Look around young man,

This place is not how you thought it would be.

Don’t lose hope and lose the sight

Good things will happen, stay upright!


For eons, man has been afraid to take risks, inundating himself with fretful repercussions. Only those with sheer will power crosses the bridge of uncertainty and land up in a place they can call their own; a place they call their identity.

Civilization today is taking a trodden path

Where the sense of individuality is lost

I say it not as an assumption but as a fact

By experience and not as mere thought

Everywhere I look I get caught

Within the facade and feigning of the common lot

None has achieved greatness sitting in a room

Counting stars and dreaming like a baboon

Challenge the path and open the wings

Fly off to a land unforeseen

Trust your instinct or go by a whim

Outreaching a land unknown to him

Individuality is a spectrum of shades

Green, grim or embellished with a stain

Indispensable determinant is the surrounding

Where you evolve with rebounding

Wrapped around you is a bubble

Prick it or stay in forever!

I observe!


I see the world not how it is

I see the world not how it ought to be

I see the world through my screen

Sitting in my room; sipping in my tea.

I see the blood splattered across


All inclusive defiling my outlook

How I wonder if it were not true!

Sitting ensconce on a mumsy sofa

Witnessing the diaspora

All I can do is spit out anger

Onto the screen which needs cleaning later.

Alas! the world I thought was beautiful

Plundered it now seem

Carry the casket of the bodies away

‘Cause tomorrow again the misery would refill.