Squander to Satiate

Equivocalness of nature’s survival

Mountain peaks shrouded by snow

Forest untouched, giving way to echo

River reeks magic into the world

Man resides in the lap of nature.

Bountiful it seem to the needs of man

Who does nothing but defiles the land

Ripping apart green and embracing the soot

Soiling the pristine sea to contend his mood.

There! There! The animals cry

Look around, as they continue to die

To satiate the humankind indulgence

Of his myriad urges of a grand life.

Sit back and think awhile

For nature too has a threshold line.


Verse for Progeny

Standing midst the defilement

Dear succeeding kin,

The earth was a better place

Some decades since.

There was time of prosper and mirth

Killed it was by greed brimming on earth.

I tried, I swear

To make man see,

But so was he immersed

in his stack of selfish needs.

Countless efforts went in vain

Little could we do,

To save white nature from the claws

Of constant stingy deeds that man could cause.

Look around my son!

Make a virile effort.

Seek some light

 For people, who awaits

At the end of tunnel.