Gazing Tale

Your eyes give more than what you would want to let out.


I’m afraid i’ll run out of words some day
and that my memory will crumble and all i’ll be left with- some withered half torn photographs in sepia. It makes me anxious for I want to make you immortal. When words will fail to come out, I’ll be dismayed; how else would people know of the ravishing beauty that you were and the subtle ways you trampled on hearts and broke it into a million pieces.


Here you are, in front of me, in flesh and blood; I’m sorry I can’t help looking in your deep hazel eyes, half concealed with your locks. It speaks of a forlorn tale about your debacles for decades, about the truth of your rusty skin and the struggling smiles to keep you sane. Sorry for staring too long. That scar I see beneath your right eye, what is it? A self induced sin or a chaste mistake?
I want to know your stories that are deep engulfed within and saturated with chagrin. I want to know it all.


I no longer fret to preserve her chronicle. You see, those hazel eyes cover her stories from the rosy life to a decayed death. And as long I have a picture of her eyes, I can write songs about her- till the end of time.

Silent evil

Sitting on the sidewalk

Delving in some muddy thoughts

A quiver of shiver sat down my spine

Realizing one of the denial tides.

                                  The moon was full

                                     The chirping went dead

                                     The only sound was

                                     The swooshing of the windy bell;

It reeked of red intentions

And purple wickedness

Of none but someone

Who was waiting to dispel!

The Door

Last night, the door

Creaked of your broken promises,

False hopes and your insincere words

As it did-

I whined with tears flowing inconsolably

Wrestling with those noises

Pining for your presence.

Fighting one-sided, I gave up reluctantly.

This door- thick oaken panel

Stood by me in the storms of revulsions

Quite unlike you- but-

As tough as you!

Distant dream

🌄Take me someplace quaint

with cobbled steps and high walls, 

green patches against the blue sheet.

Perhaps, to that far off hill

Just you and I 

Like two birds rejoicing the song of life. 

A thatched roof- our own cottage

Away from the bustle of city life; 

Cornered by nature and the rich ravine. 

Sun will shine the day, moon- the night

I’ll rear a herd of goats 

In the pallor of the dying sky. 

But, unsettled I get 

When I look deep in your eyes

You, darling, have city hopes 

And here it is I wish to die. 

Adobe, for now and forever

Sitting by the shore

On the edged jetties

Trailing through the fingers

Those cusps of clouds

With eyes shut, paused thoughts

Breathing all of nature in me.

Gathering the voices of wings,

Savoring the music of the lonely wind

Here I sit, not to go

But to make this call my rescue abode.



Let not your creation be the thoughts you keep running from.

Rappelling down to the vortex of thoughts

I could hear my voices echo

Some teeming with urgency

While some, lying in angst

At the corner of the damp pillow.

I wished to swipe them out

But alas! “Your creation”, they exclaimed

My brazen thoughts and those voices

Work but in tandem

And I’m the only one to be blamed.


Squander to Satiate

Equivocalness of nature’s survival

Mountain peaks shrouded by snow

Forest untouched, giving way to echo

River reeks magic into the world

Man resides in the lap of nature.

Bountiful it seem to the needs of man

Who does nothing but defiles the land

Ripping apart green and embracing the soot

Soiling the pristine sea to contend his mood.

There! There! The animals cry

Look around, as they continue to die

To satiate the humankind indulgence

Of his myriad urges of a grand life.

Sit back and think awhile

For nature too has a threshold line.